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Will @bitgeist@unixcorn.xyz

The sky is on fire tonight.

As a musical instrument, the triangle is totally metal.

Yay! Postgres 11 will let you exit the client by typing “quit” or “exit”.

From the cloud provider: “The attack this week is different; its volume is 50 times greater and the duration is already 100 times longer than anything we’ve experienced before... The latest series of attacks began Monday, September 17 and included multiple customers and data centers. After we successfully mitigated the initial wave of attacks, they adapted to strike our DNS providers...”

Ahh the joys of DNS issues with a platform that is hosted in the cloud. Yay for BIND9 RPZ which lets me “fix” their DNS until they got it straightened out.

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An article about the #SDF Public Access UNIX System from the National Public Radio:

"In Noisy Digital Era, 'Elegant' Internet Still Thrives" n.pr/IuZ7VQ

(audio of the podcast also available on the site)

Please join our online community (go to sdf.org for more info) and follow @SDF !! 🤓😎👍

#commandline #UNIX #hackers #vintagecomputing #BBS #90s #anonradio #NetBSD #opensource #free #freesoftware

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What way of buying my books puts the most money in my pocket?

"Absolutes" & other No Starch titles: coupon ILUVMICHAEL at nostarch.com pays me commission & gives 30% off ANY title.

Other print: buy anywhere, it doesn't matter.


"Mastery" books, tiltedwindmillpress.com

Fiction: buy anywhere, doesn't matter

Plus there's:

Patreon: patreon.com/mwlucas

tip jar: tiltedwindmillpress.com/?produ

And thanks for asking! :flan_dance: :flan_molotov: :flan_squee:

Is there a unit of measurement for that little bit of extra milk that won’t fit in your glass when you are finishing off the last of the carton? It is always there without fail.

Can I just say how wonderful the Imunes network simulator is! FreeBSD virtual machine that provides a nice GUI to spin up a virtual network lab. Open Source for the win.

Every once and a while I’m tempted to format a storage volume as ReFS. Don’t worry, I don’t succumb to the temptation.

I’m still checking for updates (friendly nudge).

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Embedded HP Proliant server installer includes the option to install ClearOS from the Internet. I guess it is time to learn more about this Linux distribution.

The Ents will be cross with us. Sadly, it had to come down.

Was annoyed that the telnet client was gone from recent versions of OSX, but the realized that NetCat was still available so annoyance avoided.

“The first test of any new communication software is whether it’s used to talk about anything other than itself.”

I have now joined that peculiar association known as people with small vintage campers.

Today will be a garage day. New brakes for the

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Hey, if you want to read a cool thing by an author and don't have the cash, *ask your library to get it for you*

They might buy it, so yay, a sale! You'll introduce the author to other local readers so yay, maybe more sales!

A mouse in our tech office. Friendly little guy, and quite a climber.