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Peter //O\\

John Crichton: "Get back or the white boy gets it!"

Been listening to The Human League's "Dare" and "Love and Dancing" albums while being a house-hubby today.
Classic to this 80's kid!

Having a blast hanging out with the Solus crowd: -chat on IRC.
(Before I'm asked again, yes IRC still exists)

Listened today to the full Led Zeppelin 4 Compact Disc Set on my drive to Prestonsburg, KY and back.
Excellent collection.

So we have a human male alone in space, with a warrior woman, a fighter, a walking plant, and a small creature as companions that become a team of sorts.
Nope, not Guardians of the Galaxy but Farscape!

Re-watching the whole series of the greatest Scifi show ever: Farscape!!!

Excellent Bible study today on James 1:1-12, at a Panera, with 3 brothers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

A good friend of mine runs a Tabletop RPG website, & although it's not my thing, here is the link for those that do:

Received good news today, so my Solus Patreon contribution is going up!
Ikey goes fulltime on Thursday!

Watched the last episode of Quantum Leap, "Mirror Image", completing my series marathon!
Excellent concept and show!

See Arianna's post about this on FB.

Arianna & I phoned my Dad in Scotland, & had a good blether with him and nephew Nathan.
All for 1c/minute to his landline via Google Voice.

The runaway breakout stars of the Madagascar movie are the Penguins: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private.

Another great collection of rare tracks by Jeff Lynne.
The prodigal songs 1990-2013