What is unixcorn.xyz?

A Mastodon instance¬†maintained¬†daily and provided by¬†Unixcorn¬†.¬†Hosted in Falkenstein, Germany ūüá©ūüá™, one of its primary goals is¬†transparency¬†.¬†We invite you to read¬†all the rules of use¬†.¬†Our moderation is¬†collaborative¬†, do not hesitate to report any problematic content!

If you have any issues take a look at our real-time updated public status page !

Detailed rules

Our body is of course governed by¬†specific rules¬†.¬†Firstly, no sexism, racism, homophobia validism, ageism, grossophobia or psychophobia, etc. is tolerated.¬†Any message of hatred is banned, fascists and their Nazi friends are¬†directly banned¬†.¬†On another note, the publication of spam, pornographic content not designated as such with a ‚ÄúContent Warning‚ÄĚ (CW) also leads to an exclusion from the server.¬†This Mastodon body wants to be¬†inclusive and benevolent¬†, so we will banish without warning and without regret.¬†Banned accounts are no longer accessible from our instance, you can no longer see their content or follow them.
We encourage our users to use theReport function¬†( “Report”) to give us the content and / or accounts that go against our rules.¬†Besides, if these don’t suit you, don’t complain, just find another server.
We also try to highlight the¬†activist¬†aspect¬†of our approach.¬†If you are a salesperson, communicator, working in #digital, at Orange or #FrenchTech know that you are not welcome.¬†While we’re at it if¬†inclusive writing¬†bothers you know you’re just a mouse click away from the exit.
Our social network, and its entire network in our opinion, is dedicated to the reappropriation of the means of communication and the creation of better communities.for the collective. The categories of people mentioned in the previous paragraph not working at all (even going in the opposite direction) to the achievement of these objectives, they are logically not welcome. Please report their presence if you see them on our server.

These rules were inspired by those written by¬†wxcafe¬†, thanks to him.¬†ūü§ėFind the list of blocked accounts¬†here¬†, our general legal notices¬†here as¬†well as our¬†T & Cs¬†there¬†.


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